​Residents get together in the courtyard and in the backyard for barbecues, dinners, outdoor movie nights, and even the occasional wedding and wake. La Quinta also gives back to the community, hosting an annual cookout every year that includes the entire neighborhood and raises money for local non-profits.


"La Quinta is a unique place where all of the neighbors grow close and really like spending time together, whether it be through coordinated holiday parties or summer BBQs…. I do not know what it is about La Quinta, but all of the people I have met there seem to genuinely want to make the place they live not just a home for themselves, but also a community where people look out for each other and become family."

John Shields, friend of La Quinta residents since the 1990s

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Viva La Quinta is a group of residents, neighbors, and allies dedicated to preserving La Quinta Apartments and making it a historic landmark.

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