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Designed in 1927 by William H. Whiteley for Frederick Anhalt's Western Building & Leasing Company, La Quinta is a friendly, well-loved apartment building known for its Spanish Eclectic style of architecture. For nearly 100 years, the building has drawn people's admiration for its warm stucco walls, sun porches, balconies, arched gate, turrets, and other unique features, such as the faux stone artwork on the outer walls, paned windows, the original porch light fixtures, and - of course - the lush courtyard that lies just beyond the gate's archway, shrouded with a yew that was planted in 1927.


"In [Fred Anhalt's] Spanish Revival, British Tudor, and French Norman 'castles' we find wonderful expressions of a self-taught builder’s rapture with European vernacular architecture and the value of high quality materials and individualized embellishments. In looking for prototypes of apartment living that we should be emulating to accommodate present and future housing needs, La Quinta and its companions on Capitol and Queen Anne hills offer a great learning opportunity in the ways in which they created private, semi-private, and public space and engendered a sense of community within the larger neighborhood."

Lawrence Kreisman, Honorary AIA Seattle, author, “Apartments by Anhalt,” City of Seattle, 1978.

The two-story,13-unit building wraps around the community courtyard - which was initially designed by John Dofsen, using plants and trees consistent with the Mediterranean theme. The design invites neighbors to talk to one another and get to know each other. Indeed, the courtyard has been home to countless community gatherings, conversations, art projects, and barbecues - including the occasional wake and wedding. Together, the building, the courtyard, and its residents create a sunny and welcoming respite from a notoriously rainy and busy city.


"La Quinta is more than just gorgeous architecture. It's a perfect place to be a writer, with plenty of beauty and solitude balanced with a supportive community just outside my door."


Chelsea Bolan, La Quinta resident since 2003 

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The Nomination

The La Quinta is a now a designated Historical Landmark!


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